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What are the Abandoned Mines? Edit

The Abandoned Mines is a location in the Wynn Province that has some of the largest Spawn Rates, making it a very popular Grinding spot. Mainly for Levels 25-35. It is south of Ternaves, southeast from Detlas, and east from the Roots Of Corruption and Nether Portal. The Abandoned Mines can be used as fast travel from there to the Mesa. You also get here after leaving Gateway Island in the Fantastic Voyage quest. The Abandoned Mines used to be an Emerald mine, but was abandoned. It is also mentioned in the storyline that some villagers caught rumors about a dark place called the Dern Province. One of the most common reasons The Abandoned Mines are known is because of the joke Relic located deep inside.

Where are the Abandoned Mines? Edit

The Abandoned Mines are located in a cliff south of the Savanna.

Stats Edit

Status: Hostile

Levels: 25+

Biome Located In: Ternaves Plain

Involved Quests: None

Quest Starts: None

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